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Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts

My new book of love notes for introverts is here!

The book contains 31 perforated cards with amusing affirmations and pickup lines to tear out and send to your favorite introvert.



Also available at select local bookstores as well as the following retailers:

  • Gibbs Smith
  • Barnes & Noble

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Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts

For the cautious introvert, the world of relationships can be a daunting one to navigate. This collection of postcard love notes will hopefully make it a little less intimidating.

Each graphically bold illustration is paired with a humorous, flirty note like: “Let’s be each other’s excuse to not go to that party,” “I’ve carefully crafted a mixtape to explain how I feel about you,” “I will never tell a restaurant it’s your birthday,” and 28 other flirty lines about introversion will make you think, “Yes! That definitely sounds like us!”

Each post card is perforated so you can share the love with all your favorite introverts: your best friend, your roommate, your significant other, or maybe even that cute stranger.

Book Details
  • 31 introflirted love notes
  • Perforated pages so you can tear them out and display or share them. 
  • Postcard layout printed on the back for easy mailing
  • Published by Gibbs Smith
  • Dimensions 4.50"(w) x 5.75"(h) x 0.8"(d)



What People Are Saying about Introflirted

“Illustrator Josh Higgins clearly knows the way to an introvert’s heart.”

– HuffPost

“As an occasional corner-hider myself, I laughed (on the inside, of course) at the countless ‘oops, that’s me’ moments that Higgins pinpoints in the drawings”


“finding a fellow introvert to fall in love with comes with a unique set of challenges, but if it happens, they’ll have Josh Higgins for perfect pickup lines.”

– a plus