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Introflirted: Love Notes for Introverts

Introflirted is an illustrated collection of fun, flirty notes for introverts.

If small talk makes your heart race and you consider sustained eye contact third base, Introflirted gets it. What started as an Instagram side-project in 2017 has been turned into 2 books reaching thousands of fans.

Introflirted: Love Notes for Introverts

About introflirted

Let’s skip the part where introverted affection goes unsaid or unnoticed. Tell that special someone what’s been on your mind (from a safe and respectful distance) with the Introflirted postcard books. Whether your love language is sharing hoodies, splitting take out, or messaging entirely in gifs, you’ll find the right words in Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts and Love Means Never Having to Say Anything At All.

Some flirty phrases in the book:
  • Let’s be each other’s excuse to not go to that party
  • I’ve carefully crafted a mixtape to explain how I feel about you
  • I will never tell a restaurant it’s your birthday

Each page is printed as a postcard and individually perforated, so you can send out messages whenever your social batteries are ready. Pass one to your bestie. Slide one under your roommate’s door. Add a little extra to a gift for your twin flame. Or if you’re feeling extra spunky, leave one on the table of that doodle maker you keep seeing at the coffee shop.

Book Details
  • 31 introflirted love notes
  • Perforated pages so you can display or share
  • Postcard printed card backs for easy mailing
  • Published by Gibbs Smith
  • 4.50"(w) x 5.75"(h) x 0.8"(d)

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Love Means Never Having to Say Anything At All: Love Notes for Introverts

Love Means Never Having to Say Anything At All

The latest book of 31 more postcards published August 4th, 2020.


Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts

Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts

The original book of 31 postcards published in 2019.


Introflirted Double Book Pack

Double Book Pack

Get both books and some extra goodies for a discount!



Also available at select local bookstores as well as the following retailers:

  • Gibbs Smith
  • Barnes & Noble

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What People Are Saying about Introflirted

“Illustrator Josh Higgins clearly knows the way to an introvert’s heart.”

– HuffPost

“As an occasional corner-hider myself, I laughed (on the inside, of course) at the countless ‘oops, that’s me’ moments that Higgins pinpoints in the drawings”


“Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts makes a great Valentine’s gift for the special introverts in your life.”

– Introvert, Dear