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Marvin Zindler Mural

Worked with the Houston Downtown Management District to create this mural of iconic Houston newscaster Marvin Zindler to help bring more art to main street.

Introflirted Book #2

Worked with my publisher to write and illustrate this follow up to my previous book of love notes for introverts

Beam Suntory Highball Pin

Created this enamel pin to accompany Beam Suntory's existing marketing campaign.

Introflirted x SpindleTap Coffee

SpindletTap approached me to illustrate a label for their introvert themed coffee for them to compliment my book of love notes for introverts.

La Grange Ranch Water Pin

Created this enamel pin for a local bar to help build customer interest in their ranch water cocktail.

8th Wonder Slab Pin

Created a custom SLAB enamel pin for 8th Wonder to compliment their SLAB IPA

Saint Arnold 713 Day Pin

Saint Arnold was looking for an enamel pin to celebrate 713 day (an unofficial Houston holiday)

2020 HOMwork Challenge

I guest hosted Lauren Hom's weekly design challenge. My prompt was to create an original love note that reflect you

Candy Coated Slab Pins

Enamel pins inspired by Houston car culture

Introflirted Book

A book of 31 postcards based on my project of love notes for introverts

Okayest Life Collection

My okayest collection of clothing and accessories yet

Hater Notice

For when you need to give your haters an L

Spooky Fall Collection

A fall clothing collection to follow up hot girl summer

2019 HOMwork Challenge

I guest hosted Lauren Hom's weekly design challenge. My challenge was to create your own personal candy hearts

Thicc Winter Collection

A winter collection of comfy sweatshirts for my fellow thicc people

Want a unique illustration or product to engage, entertain, and build connection with your audience?

I've worked with companies like Adobe, Beam Suntory, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, 8th Wonder Brewery, and AIGA Austin designing physical products and creating illustrations.

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